Tuesday, October 14, 2008

OOTB SharePoint Layered Photoshop File

I have created a Photoshop layered file, based on the OOTB SharePoint look and feel. This file includes the following:

  • Nested Folders
  • Labeled Layers
  • Editable Text
  • Exact Font Colors and Type
  • Separation of background elements
  • Resolution set to 1024x768


You can download this file here: Download


Write me a comment if you find this useful!


Jeremy Thake said...

Thanks very much for this mate! Very useful!

Dan Lewis said...

This is going to be super useful. Thanks for providing!

- Dan

Archetoy said...

Lovely work.
You've saved me tonnes of work. I am going to add guides to this now. Thanks for sharing!

Geoff Varosky said...

Very useful indeed - great work, and thanks for sharing!

web design manila said...

Oh' thanks for sharing this "OOTB SharePoint Layered Photoshop File" I an use it as a resources. Thanks!