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Fix Long Quick Launch Flowing Over Footer

In some cases when you need to add a footer to a custom brand you will notice that on pages that have really tall left navigations (Quick Launch) and a small content area the left side navigation will overflow and display on top of your custom footer. The reason for this is that your left side navigation is floating to the left of the content area. And therefore it is no longer being considered for height and will ignore your footer. By default your content area will push your custom footer down as it grows larger. Here is an example where the left navigation is really long and floats on top of the custom footer:To fix this you will need to set the footer div to have a inline-block property and also set the width to 100%. Your custom footer will be included right below that DIV. See below example.<div id="s4-bodyContainer">
<div id="s4-mainarea">
        <div id="s4-leftpanel"></div>
        <div class="s4-ca”>&l…