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Presenting at SharePoint 24 Hour Conference!

Great news! On April 17th 2014 @ 10am EST (2pm GMT) I will be presenting at the FREE
SP24 SharePoint Conference. My session topic is:
SharePoint 2013 Creating the Ultimate User ExperienceHere is a 1 min overview of my session!In this session I will walk you through best practices and tips and tricks for defining, designing and building a SharePoint 2013 UX project. These activities include:Identifying what users want (Requirements). Taking those needs/wants and creating the experience with Axure interactive wireframes. Using current trends such as flat design to create mockups in Photoshop for a slick modern UI that is tailored to your business. And finally reviewing design concepts for both desktop and mobile through Responsive / Adaptive web design. My Co-worker David Lozzi also has a session talking about taking SharePoint Public. His 1 min video: hope to see you all at my session!

SharePoint Conference 2014 User Experience

My journey in and around the Microsoft SharePoint 2014 Conference in Las Vegas this year has many high’s and lows. The lows of course are all the times that the casinos took my money but we just wont go there… Here is a little user journey for you on my path to and from the conference. I have been to this conference before and had a really good experience both times. I learned a lot and had a good time doing it. This year was a little different… I was one of the lucky ones that knew on the day that registration opened that I was able to go fully funded by my company Slalom Consulting (More about how awesome they are later in this post…) When I looked at the sessions I was really surprised at the lack of User Experience sessions that were offered. The previous conference was pretty much loaded with UX sessions since the design manager was new and the buzz was all around the new branding look and feel. So I started building MySPC calendar and noticed a trend that I was adding a lot of s…