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SharePoint 2010 Branding Support File Statistics

Have you ever wondered what are the major font types, sizes, colors, and images for SharePoint 2010? This post will cover some of the major statistics that are related to SharePoint Branding. This post originally spawned the topic of why SharePoint uses PT’s for font sizes when PX or EM’s are much better. Kyle Schaeffer created a very nice post about why you should use one format over the other: Over 75% of all font sizes declared in the standard SharePoint 2010 base style sheets use a font-size in Points.
Example: font-size:8pt;Below are some other interesting statistics when it comes to other SharePoint 2010 support file statistics.Server Side Files: Not surprisingly there are a lot of images that are used to make SharePoint look the way that it does. The number would be slightly larger if the sprite images were broken out. There a ton of CSS files and what surprised me most is the amount of unique master pages…