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10+ Years of SharePoint Branding Progress

Since SharePoint was first introduced in 2001its standard visual design appearance has taken on quite a few different forms over the years. The base core features of document management and collaboration have stayed pretty static but the introduction of publishing and social features has transformed the product into a Swiss Army knife and can be used for many different things. Here is a look at its progress from 2001 all the way through 2013.Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001

Core Features:
Base included document management, search and what was called then a dashboard site to display webparts.
Visual Design: This was before my time but from the looks of it the design came with a standard header that you could customize the logo or title of the site.

Microsoft SharePoint Team Services 2002

Core Features: Ability to create lists and HTML pages.
Visual Design: The design got a slight change to the header and also added in page level icons. It is also the first introduction …