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Rounded Corners in SharePoint

Rounded corners have become a staple in website design. But they come with a price. Don't get me wrong I really like the look of them and they really help soften the look of the site. In most cases you can create this look by using the method below. Later on in this post I will highlight some of the things you can do and some of the things not technically possible without major custom development.Design 1: Rounded corners to frame a site:Open up your master page and add 1 <div> tag right before the ms-main table to represent the site container (This is used to position the site and give it its width) Add 4 more <div> tags before the ms-main table to represent your 4 corners (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)<div id="xyz-content-corner-tl">
<div id="xyz-content-corner-tr">
<div id="xyz-content-corner-bl">
<div id="xyz-content-corner-br">Add in the following to CSS attributes to r…