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Issues with moving search into top ribbon bar

I was recently on a project where there was a requirement to have many items in the main navigation. There was not an option to consolidate these into smaller groups. The idea was to move the search box up into the top ribbon bar. This would allow for more horizontal space for the navigation items. However in my attempt to move the search I found a little gotcha. I selected the search control in SharePoint Designer and moved it right above the welcome navigation control code.Wrapped the control in a div tag and temporarily added an inline style of float left. <div style="float: left;">
   <asp:ContentPlaceHolder id="PlaceHolderSearchArea" runat="server">
      <SharePoint:DelegateControl runat="server" ControlId="SmallSearchInputBox" Version="4"/>
</div>I saved the master page and then checked out what it looked like. The search was moved up correct…

SharePoint 2010 IA Wireframe Toolkit

I created a post about a year ago about Using Visio for SharePoint Wireframes. So now that 2010 has been released I got busy building the next generation Visio Wireframe Toolkit for SharePoint 2010.It is currently around ~40 pages that range from Wiki, team site, meeting workspaces, search, my sites, and application pages. All the text, navigation, web parts, and images are editable and can be added, moved, edited or deleted. In this version I made sure that the correct colors, fonts, and web part placements were true to the application. On most of the templates I have included some basic information about the page layout, web parts on the page, and libraries/lists included. Here are some samples:
Team Site
Contacts Web Database
My Profile Silverlight Organization Viewer
I wish I could share it with everyone but my hands are tied and I cannot. It is an EMC Consulting artifact and I am writing this blog post to mainly get the word out that Visio is still my application of choice for cr…