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Showing posts from October, 2012

Session 7: SP 2013 Managed Metadata Navigation

In this session I will be going over how to configure your navigation to point to a managed metadata term service.

Session 6: SharePoint 2013 Composed Looks

In this session I will be going over how to change your site using composed looks (Themes) and also creating your own composed look.

Session 5: SharePoint 2013 HTML Page Layout

In this session I will walk you through creating a new HTML Page Layout and adding snippets.

Session 4: SharePoint 2013 HTML Master Page

In this session I will describe the process of taking an existing HTML file and converting it into a HTML Master Page within SharePoint 2013. The HTML file used is based on the Twitter Bootstrap responsive design.

Session 3: SharePoint 2013 Device Channels

In this session I will be reviewing what device channels are and how to use them.

Session 2: SharePoint 2013 Design Manager

In this second session I will be giving a brief overview of the 8 steps within the new SharePoint 2013 Designer Manager.

Session 1: SharePoint 2013 UI Overview

This is the first of a 7 part video blog series. Thank you for your patience.In this session I will be going over the SharePoint 2013 UI Overview and some of the design changes that have been made for the new version of SharePoint 2013.