Thursday, June 4, 2009

SharePoint Branding Build Test Checklist

During the creation of the CSS, Master Pages, and Page layouts its critical to stay on top of your Front End Development testing.

As you know many classes in SharePoint are shared classes so when you make a modification to one element you have to test, test, test.

Below are some helpful things to review before giving that oh so critical demo… Hopefully these will help you out during your development process and testing.

  • Create and test all OOTB SharePoint templates
    1. Publishing Sites
      • Publishing Toolbar
      • Page Layouts (All that are available)
    2. My Sites
      • My Profile
        • Organization Hierarchy web part
        • In Common with you web part
    3. Team Sites
    4. Meeting Workspaces
    5. Blog
      • Unique Quick Launch
      • Post date, title, content, and links
    6. Wiki
      • Functional Links (Edit, History, Incoming Links)
      • Unique Quick Launch (Recent Changes)
      • Last Modified
    7. Search
      • People search drop down options
      • Search Results
      • Advanced Search Link
      • Advanced Search Page
    8. Central Administration
      • Don’t spend to much time on these
  • Test as many SharePoint functions as you can
    1. Fly Out Menu’s/Drop Downs
      • My Links
      • Top Navigation
      • Site Actions
      • Modify Web Part
      • Quick Launch if enabled
      • Multi Tier/level if enabled
      • Document Item Drop Down
    2. Button Hovers
      • Search/Go
      • Global Links (Top Links like My Links)
      • SPLink (Welcome & Console Toolbar Buttons)
      • Toolbar View Button
    3. Quick Launch
      • Headers
      • List Items
      • Selected headers/Items
      • Tree View
    4. Breadcrumbs
      • Text
      • Hyperlinks
      • Carrots “>”
    5. Toolbars
    6. Calendar
      • Date Picker
      • Month View
      • Week View
      • Day View
      • Current Day Indicators
    7. Lists/Libraries
      • Datasheet View
      • Alternating item shade (ms-alternating)
    8. Webpart
      • Chrome/Title
      • Border color/width if selected (ms-WPBorder)
      • Separator Lines
    9. Edit Page
      • Webpart Zone Colors
      • Drag and Drop Style
      • Webpart Chrome/Title’s
      • Advanced Webpart Gallery and Options
    10. Admin Pages
      • Site Settings
      • List Forms
        • Form Background (ms-authoringcontrols)
      • Upload Document
      • Error Pages
    11. OOTB Themes
      • If you are going to allow OOTB themes you will have to test, test, and triple test that all themes work and function as expected with your custom design…
    12. Fonts/Colors
      • Stick to system Fonts so that everyone gets the same experience. (Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, Etc)
      • Page Titles
      • Body Content
      • Hyperlinks
      • Hover Text
      • Visited State
    13. Images
      • Teamsite Default Image
      • Social Meeting Workspace Image
    14. Customization/3rd Party
      • Its kinda a given but any custom web parts, 3rd Party or custom controls implemented will need to have branding applied or tested before deployment onto prod servers.

I’m sure there are some that I missed but drop me a comment if you have some that I missed and I will add to the list above.