Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Session 5: SharePoint 2013 HTML Page Layout

In this session I will walk you through creating a new HTML Page Layout and adding snippets.


Murli Marati said...

Dear Erik,

I just saw your video and when i create a page layout i am getting the below error

"Sorry, something went wrong

An invalid or empty reference to a Cascading Style Sheet file was specified. Valid references must specify only a filename that ends with a ".css" extension"

Is this you can help me with please ?

Best Regards

Murlli Maraati

OUSoonerTaz said...

Did you ever get a solution to this issue? I have encountered the same problem.



Alejandro Alvarez said...

Hello Erik

I created the layout fine but when I go and add the snippets save it and click on edit the field don't change to an editable field. What can I do in this situation? is there a snippet configuration that I need to change?

Thank you for your time