Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Session 4: SharePoint 2013 HTML Master Page

In this session I will describe the process of taking an existing HTML file and converting it into a HTML Master Page within SharePoint 2013. The HTML file used is based on the Twitter Bootstrap responsive design.


B Shankar said...


I have created a master page from my existing HTML page. It works well, except one issue.

Issue is that when I insert a webpart into content area it is displayed below the left navigation, instead of next to it. Can you please help me fixing this issue.

Atiq Ur Rehman said...

@B Shankar, i think Eric is sleeping.

prathap kumar said...

Great resource. Thanks for explaining the conversion process.

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sp2013_tech said...

I liked the post but me issue is slightly different. I purchased a SP2013 theme that does not come with a companion master dot html page. I used the theme's sp2013 dot master but without the sp2013 dot html it is difficult to add web parts. How can I create the sp2013 dot master page for our theme?