Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SPSNH Intro to SharePoint 2013 Branding Deck

Thanks for all the attended my session on Saturday 9/22/2012. The demo gods were with me and all things worked out. Per your request I have uploaded my presentation deck here:
Erik Swenson SharePoint Saturday NH SharePoint 2013 Branding


Because most of my presentation was in demo mode and it was not recorded, I am going to switch up my blog a little bit and start adding in some short recorded sessions.

I have a 7 part series that I plan on having available shortly, which includes written and video how to’s.

  1. Session 1 – SharePoint 2013 UI Overview
  2. Session 2 – 2013 Design manager Overview
  3. Session 3 – Working with Device Channels
  4. Session 4 – Convert HTML to Master Page
  5. Session 5 – Creating page Layouts and using Snippets
  6. Session 6 – 2013 Composed Looks
  7. Session 7 – 2013 Managed Metadata Navigation

If you have any suggested topics that you would like me to cover please reply to this post.



turbowars said...

Waiting for your videos.

tripwire said...

Ditto. With RTM live I'm finding documentation very thin on the ground.

tripwire said...
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John Wilson said...

what about configur and style the search webpart with your own managed meta data and design templates??

Niranjan said...

waiting for your videos... can you also talk about changes in branding team sites in SP 2013

Saeed Zia said...

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