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Update: Really Small SharePoint Calendar

I really was not that happy with the look of the first calendar so after some modifications and a bit of CSS magic I have come up with a really good looking small calendar. At least I think so…

Basically I have replaced the text of an event item with a color coded box. The benefit that you get out of this is that you don’t have to try and read the even within the small calendar but if you hover over and click on the color block you get the list Item display.

  • Orange is for single event items (8am-10am, etc)
  • Green is for full day events or repeat events

Another nice feature to this is that I have also simplified the visual indicator when there are more then two event items in one day. Instead of seeing the arrow and text all you see is the arrow. Once you click on the arrow it will show the other blocks of events (Right image).

image image

Here is the CSS Code: Download Here

  1. Simply place a content editor web part on the same page as the calendar
  2. Paste the code from the file above into the source of the content editor web part.
  3. Hide the Content editor web part on the page.

If you plan on making this a more global style this is an example of how the large calendar would look like.


Leave a comment and let me know how it works for you!


Hi all.. really i am happy to see this site and all.. it has lot of information's to the public.. thanks for sharing this in internet...
June Nette said…
Hi, thank you for this post. The only problem is that the small calendar is not showing up, only the codes are showing, so I hid the web part and nothing showed up. Could you please tell me what I did wrong? Thanks.
Erik Swenson said…
Make sure that you included the open and closed style tags.
June Nette said…
Hi Erik, thanks for your quick response. I copied and pasted the text file and there are open/close style tags.
Joey said…
I know this is geared towards SP 2007 ... so my question is:
Are you planning on making a version for SP 2010?

(As expected, it didn't work for me on SP 2010 as is :-)
Kyle said…
Any luck on the SP2010 compatibility?
DF said…
I wanted to give this a try, but unfortunately, the download link appears broken.

I'm also interested in SP2010 compatibility?
Anonymous said…
Hi! Thanks for this tip. It worked perfectly and im really happy i found this site. I spent a lot of time on trial and error from researched sites but was not successful. Im keeping tuned for more tips and techniques. Cheers!
vensar said…
i tried and its not working, only the color has changed, the calendar size remains the original.. help pls

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