Monday, February 6, 2017

Blog Transition from SharePoint to User Experience Design

As time goes on we learn, grow and explore in new areas that make us happy and inspired. I am very lucky to have found that path. Since 2003 I focused on providing great experiences to my clients around a specific tool known as Microsoft SharePoint. I was so invested in this tool that I even wrote a book on how to stretch the limits on customizing it. Over the last couple of years SharePoint has changed to be more stand alone through Office 365.

Within the last few years I have had the pleasure to not only wok for the best company Slalom Consulting but also work for some really amazing clients! My most recent projects have been outside of the world of SharePoint and in all honesty I could not be happier. It is sad to see it go but I think it is time to pass the torch to other great and amazing bloggers that will keep posting technical posts on how to configure and explore new ways of making SharePoint do what they need to present the right information to users at the right time.

My plan is to transition this blog from a technical reference point around a specific technology to a more organic discussion around User Experience Design, Research, and Information Architecture topics. In all honesty this is really what I have been doing for the last 15 years of my career anyways. I am not going to remove or delete any previous post since some of them still can provide value to others that still support SharePoint both in the cloud on Prem.

I have some great UX topics in mind that I think all will gather some insights from. Thanks to all that have supported me over the years and I hope to inspire many others in the future to think outside of the box and create amazing experiences that matter!

Erik Swenson
Principal Experience Designer