Friday, December 23, 2011

My SP 2010 Branding Book is Finally Published!

After 6 months of hard work my SharePoint 2010 Branding Book: Practical SharePoint 2010 Branding and Customization 
is finally available for order from Amazon!!! If you are quick and order now, you can get it under your tree by tomorrow!

This book is a great deal as it comes with 2 pre-built visual designs, a visual studio solution for applying the designs, and of course a great resource book to help you on your branding journey.

The two Visual designs included in the SharePoint Branding Kit:

SharePoint Branding Kit Design 1

SharePoint Branding Kit Design 2

Many thanks to Chris Arella, Matt Lally, Robert Dornbush, and the team at Apress. This would not be at all possible without the support from my family and friends!

Happy Holidays!


Ahmedstudio said...

you are very good man, this is wonderfull book. but i havent mony to buy it :)

Anthony Martin said...

Congrats Erik!

Anonymous said...

There is no source/download tab on the Apress site to download your code.

Erik Swenson said...

Thanks you to everyone who has already purchased my book. I have received great feedback and reviews! The download source tab on the Apress site will be added shortly. I have talked with the publisher and they are aware of it, thank you for your patience! Please post your reviews of the book on Amazon!

-Erik Swenson

Unknown said...

I ordered and received the book last week and am really enjoying the read. This is a great addition to an already great body of work (aka this site). Your work has pulled my butt out of the fire on more than 1 occasion, so many thanks.

Erik Swenson said...

The Source Code/Download tab has been added to the site. It was out of my hands and I apologize for the delay.


Anonymous said...

I tried downloading the source file but it's an unknown file type. Any help with this?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful book - Thanks Erik!!

The zip file thats available for download is corrupt, and cant be opened.

Karen said...

Hi Erik, would this book be applicable for "sharepoint online" version? because we only have sharepoint online, we don't have access to the web front ends. Thanks!

Hashsham Usmani said...

Erik - I bought this book oeverweekend but unable to download source code on Apress site. It's giving me error "Cannot open file. It doesn't appear to be a valid archieve". How can we download the source code ??