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SharePoint 2010 Base CSS Classes

This will be the first of many SharePoint 2010 posts. I will be focusing on a few of the main CSS classes used for SharePoint 2010 Public Beta. As the product becomes more final there might be some changes to the class names but I will be sure to create a new post if that happens. This will be quite a lengthy but it should be helpful. The default CSS given below are just highlights of the full CSS attributes for that class.

I will be using a basic team site as my base for the screenshots.


Here is a basic structure of the main areas that I will cover.

  1. Ribbon Row
    • Table Row Left
      • Site Actions
      • Navigate Up
      • Edit
    • Tab List
      • Browse
      • Page
    • Table Row Right
      • Give Feedback
      • Welcome Menu
  2. Workspace
    • Body Container
      • Title Row
        • Title
          • Title Logo
          • Title Text / Breadcrumb
            • Page Description
          • Social Data
            • Separator
            • I like It
            • Tags/Notes
        • Top Header 2/Top Links
          • li Static-Selected
          • li Static
          • Search
          • Help
      • Status Bar Container
      • Main Area
        • Left Panel
          • Navigation Manager
            • li Static (Header)
            • ul li Static (Link)
          • Special Navigation Links List
            • Recycle Bin
            • View All Site Content
        • Content Table / Body Area
          • Web Part Cell
            • Web Part Header
              • WP Title
              • WP Header TD
              • WP Header Menu
              • WP Header Selection
            • Web Part Content

Ribbon Row:
Class/ID = “body #s4-ribbonrow”
Default CSS:
Comments: This is the container for all of the items in the top ribbon

Table Row Left:
Class/ID = “ms-cui-TabRowLeft”
Default CSS:
Comments: This is the container Site Actions, Navigate Up and Edit

Site Actions:
Class/ID = “ms-siteactionsmenuinner”
Default CSS:
background:url("/_layouts/images/bgximg.png") repeat-x -0px -467px;
Comments: Main Style for Site Actions menu

Navigate Up:
Class/ID = “.s4-breadcrumb-anchor,.ms-qatbutton”
Default CSS:
margin:0px 3px 0px 0px;
padding:2px 5px 0px;
Comments: There is an image “fgimg.png” that sits within an “A” hyperlink Tag. This image is large and has many icons in it. It uses inline absolute positioning to show the correct Icon.
”position: absolute; top: -112px !important;”

Here is what the “fgimg.png” image looks like:


Class/ID = “.s4-breadcrumb-anchor,.ms-qatbutton” (Same as Above)
Default CSS:
Same As Above
Comments: Same as above except that the background image position is different. “position: absolute; top: -235px;”

Class/ID = “.ms-cui-tt-s > .ms-cui-tt-a”
Default CSS:
color:#23272c !important;
Comments: This is the selected state of the browse button. Note the “s” at the end of the class.

Class/ID = “.ms-cui-tt-span”
Default CSS:
padding:4px 10px 4px;
border-top:1px solid transparent;
Comments: This is the non-selected state of the page button.

Give Feedback:
Class/ID = “No Class Or ID Specified, See below”
Default CSS:
Inline CSS and Image
Comments: If you would like to remove this icon via CSS, use the following:
.ms-cui-TabRowRight a img{
display: none;


Welcome Menu:
Class/ID = “.ms-welcomeMenu”
Default CSS:
padding:2px 5px 3px;
margin:0px 3px;
border:1px solid transparent;
Comments: The class for the arrow is “.ms-viewselector-arrow”

Class/ID = “body #s4-workspace”
Default CSS:
overflow:visible !important;
Comments: This is the container and scroll area for the site. 

Body Container:
Class/ID = “body #s4-bodyContainer”
Default CSS:
Comments: This class controls the minimum width. 

Title Row:
Class/ID = “body #s4-titlerow”
Default CSS:
display:block !important;
Comments: This is the container for the Title, Tags, Ribbon, Main navigation, Search and Help.

Title Row:
Class/ID = “.s4-title”
Default CSS:
padding:0px 0px 0px 10px;
background:url("/_layouts/images/bgximg.png") repeat-x -0px -1013px;
Comments: Notice that there is a min height of 64px and a background image is applied by default.
image Title Logo:
Class/ID = “.s4-titlelogo”
Default CSS:
padding:12px 10px 12px 0px;
Comments: The logo can be changed via the Admin UI. Default Image size is 35x35px

Title Text:
Class/ID = “.s4-titletext”
Default CSS:
Comments: The title text is also the bread crumb.

Page Description:
Class/ID = “.s4-title .s4-pagedescription,.s4-title .s4uniqpermdescription”
Default CSS:
Comments: This only shows up if you have specified a description of the site.

Social Data:
Class/ID = “ms-socialNotif-Container”
Default CSS:
padding:0px 3px;
Comments: This is the container that holds both I Like It and Notes.

Social Separator:
Class/ID = “.ms-socialNotif-groupSeparator”
Default CSS:
margin:0px 3px;
border-right:1px solid;
Comments: This is the slight line on the left of the social tags.

I Like It:
Class/ID = “.ms-socialNotif”
Default CSS:
margin:0px 1px;
padding:0px 2px;
border:1px solid transparent;
Comments: This class is shared with the tags and notes. The text uses the class “.ms-socialNotif-text” and the image “mossfgimg.png” with inline style of
position: absolute; top: -132px !important;

Here is what the “mossfgimg.png” image looks like:


Tags & Notes:
Class/ID = “.ms-socialNotif”
Default CSS: 
Same As “I Like It” above 
Comments: This class is shared with the I like It Feature. The image “mossfgimg.png” with inline style of
position: absolute; top: -300px !important;

Top Header 2:
Class/ID = “body #s4-topheader2”
Default CSS: 
background:url("/_layouts/images/selbg.png") repeat-x left top;
border-top:1px solid #e0e0e0;
border-bottom:1px solid #b8babd; 
Comments: This class makes up the majority of the navigation row style.

Top Links:
Class/ID = “.s4-toplinks”
Default CSS: 
Comments: This is the container for the main navigation, search and help.

Top Link Selected:
Class/ID = “.s4-toplinks .s4-tn a.selected”
Default CSS: 
background:url("/_layouts/images/selbg.png") repeat-x left top;
padding:4px 5px;
margin:0px 5px; 
Comments: The hover class is “.s4-toplinks .s4-tn a.selected:hover”

Top Link Static:
Class/ID = “.s4-tn li.static > .menu-item”
Default CSS: 
border:1px solid transparent;
padding:4px 10px;
Comments: The hover class is “.s4-tn li.static > a:hover”

Class/ID = “.s4-search table”
Default CSS: 
width: 212px;
margin-right: 17px;  
Comments: This is the container for the search box. The class resides in the Search.css file.

Search Input:
Class/ID = “.s4-search input”
Default CSS: 
width: 212px;
margin-right: 17px;  
Comments: Note that this class does not change width, border color or height. You could use this to change the background color.

Search Image:
Class/ID = “.s4-search .ms-searchimage”
Default CSS: 
border:1px solid #e3e3e3 !important;
padding:2px 3px 1px;
border-left:none !important;
Comments: This class controls the border around the go image.

Class/ID = “.s4-help”
Default CSS: 
Comments: This uses the “fgimg.png” with inline style of:
position: absolute; top: -293px !important;

Status Bar Container:
Class/ID = “.s4-statusbarcontainer”
Default CSS: 
Comments: I am not 100% sure where or how this is used. I can only imagine that this is a publishing class.

Main Area:
Class/ID = “body #s4-mainarea”
Default CSS: 
Comments: This includes both left navigation and content
imageLeft Panel:
Class/ID = “body #s4-leftpanel”
Default CSS: 
Comments: This is the left navigation

Left Panel Headers:
Class/ID = “.s4-ql ul.root > li > .menu-item,.s4-qlheader,.s4-qlheader:visited”
Default CSS: 
padding:3px 4px 3px 10px;
Comments: This class controls the look of the header text

Left Panel Links:
Class/ID = “.s4-ql ul.root ul > li > a”
Default CSS: 
padding:3px 4px 4px 10px;
Comments: This class controls the look of the link text

Special Navigation Links List:
Class/ID = “.s4-specialNavLinkList”
Default CSS: 
border-top:1px solid #dbddde;
Comments: This class makes the line above the recycle bin

Recycle Bin:
Class/ID = “.s4-specialNavLinkList a”
Default CSS: 
padding:3px 4px 3px 10px;
Comments: This is a shared class with view all site content

View All Site Content:
Class/ID = “.s4-specialNavLinkList a”
Default CSS: 
Same As Above
Comments: This is a shared class with Recycle Bin

Content Table Body Area:
Class/ID = “.s4-ca”
Default CSS: 
Comments: This is main class for the body content. Notice the 155px margin to the left. This basically moves the content over so that it does not overlap the left navigation.

Web Part Cell:
Class/ID = “.s4-wpcell”
Default CSS: 
border:1px solid transparent;
Comments: This would be a good class to define a pixel line around web parts.
Web Part Header:
Class/ID = “.ms-WPHeader”
Default CSS: 
Comments: This controls the background color of the wp header.

Web Part Header TD:
Class/ID = “.ms-WPHeader td”
Default CSS: 
border-bottom:1px solid #EBEBEB;
Comments: This controls the border color of the wp header.

Web Part Header Menu:
Class/ID = “.ms-WPHeaderTdMenu”
Default CSS: 
border:1px solid transparent;
Comments: This class is for the web part menu spacing.

Web Part Header Selection:
Class/ID = “.ms-WPHeaderTdSelection”
Default CSS: 
Comments: This class is for the web part selector spacing.

Web Part Content:
Class/ID = “.ms-wpContentDivSpace”
Default CSS: 
Comments: This class adds marginal space left and right for the web part content.

There are many many many more classes that I could cover but these are some of the main ones to get you going. I will cover more in future posts.

Please leave a comment!

Erik Swenson | EMC Consulting


IG said…
This is great Eric, Keep them coming! I am just starting to brand 2010 server & this is a big help to get me going.
Sandip said…
Many Thanks Eric !
Salman Ahmad said…
Thanks very much Eric! Great post.
Anonymous said…
Excellent information. First mention I've found of SharePoint 2010 CSS styles
Kolmnull said…
Thanks a lot for what you have done here! You saved me lot of time to investigate those basic CSS classes myself. One thing I noticed is that I had to modify " >" instead of ".ms-cui-tt-s > .ms-cui-tt-a" in order to change the color of Browse button.
loo said…
Great work Man, really helpfull
Anonymous said…
Great work dude, keep on!
/ Cstahl
Anonymous said…
Great dude, thanx!
chrisbaird said…
Thank you thank you thank you for the sharing! you just saved me many headaches
Anonymous said…
Many Thanks!
This is a great post.
ChrisBaird said…
This may be my CSS newbishness, but how do I use the styles where you have used the greater than ( > ) symbol? How should this appear in a style sheet? Left navigation example is where I'm starting.
Erik Swenson said…
Chris this is called a "descendant selector"

Check out: and scroll down to section 5.6.

"A child selector matches when an element is the child of some element. A child selector is made up of two or more selectors separated by ">".


The following rule sets the style of all P elements that are children of BODY:

body > P { line-height: 1.3 }
Hope that helps!
ChrisBaird said…
It does -- thanks for explaining.
Anonymous said…
Hi Eric keep up your good work !... thanks. it is grate post i ever read for sp2010 customization. spot on what we need .. thanks
Anonymous said…
hi eric please post one for appling same thing deep in webpart section some of the CSS clasess not apply when change
Patrick Richard said…
Fantastic post. Really useful picture to go along with it as help. Thanks a bunch!
s.c.vinod said…
Can I know which is the CSS-Class for the column names in a Custom List???
Anonymous said…
Thanks man
This is a super detail list of css classes in 2010, can wait for the rest :).
Great work
Anonymous said…
This is awesome. I'm new to sharepoint. Can you help out? i've uploaded our company logo with departmental logos for each site. Therefore, I don't want the title that you get when you create a site showing. How do I get rid of that without losing the breadcrumb. I don't want to delete the title from title, description, logo. Step by step if you can please, i"m new to css
Craig said…
Nice stuff Eric! using the info you provided for good not for evil.
Anonymous said…
Just to confirm. The status container is the for approval and such. Ex: "Status: Waiting for approval"
Prabath said…
Thanks a lot Eric, this helped me a lot. Keep-up the good work.
Neel said…
Eric, How can i add banner image using CSS on the top above ribbon
Rue said…
Erik, why is it my changes never seem to show when I update a CSS?
Mayank said…
thanks i try to find css fefrance but could't sucuss but now i found u thanks very mutch for css chat 2010 u have saved my lot of time.
very very thanks .
mayank tiwari
Gordon said…
Very useful information here Eric, I've been using this page as a reference all day!

On a related note, has anyone managed to remove the 1px border around the search input box? I've traced & modified the styles (even the IE8 dev tools says the border is now 'none') but they are still there...

It almost seems like some 'Microsoft Magic' is going on here 'cos the 1px #e3e3e3 border seems to be coming from *nowhere*'s quite scary actually!
Erik Swenson said…
Gordon, try using the "!important" tag to remove the border:

border: none !important;
Gordon said…
Many thanks Erik, that worked brilliantly!
Rzimgd said…
Just wondering, is there a unique css id or class for the first tab in the global navigation? I'm trying to find a way to remove the link to the root from the nav, and was hoping I could just hide it using css...
Erik Swenson said…

Since SharePoint 2010 uses UL/LI nodes there is no unique id or class for the first node. Therefore you have two options: The first is to modify the master page and change the delegate control setting of ShowStartingNode="True" to "False".

The other option is to change the simple rendering of the control to the old version that uses tables. See the second half of my post here:

Once you have done that to hide the first node see the following post:

I hope that helps. I would recommend the first option.
Rzimgd said…
Hi Erik,

Thanks for the response. I tried both methods, but when I use them, it seems to disable the flyouts by moving the sub-links into the first level of the navigation. Any ideas?
Anonymous said…
Hey Eric. Fantastic, I could just complete branding one of my site using your blog. It was very very informative. Would definitely refer this in my <a href=">Blog </a>. Thanks again-Kranthi reddy
Anonymous said…
By far the best mapping available to date! Thank you.
Anonymous said…
By far still the best mapping information available! Thank you for presneting this in a way that a non-developer can use it.
Anonymous said…
Eric, By the way want to ask you for help with Navigation so there is problem eg John's and the ' shown html code like ' but how i make it right?
Anonymous said…
as last comment it shown like & # 3 9 ; So how i make it right?
Anonymous said…
When viewing a list item, how do we we set the ribbon to default Browse mode instead of default to Edit mode. It is irritating to see the item details in view mode all the time and then click Browse to remove it.
Rod said…
hi there

I have been trying to chance the go image on the search control with my custom image. I tried to override this class "“.s4-search .ms-searchimage” but i had no success as yet. Would mind giving me a hand on that. I would really appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks


Erik Swenson said…

To change the search image via just CSS use the following approach in this blog post

And the CSS below.

.ms-sbgo {
background-color: transparent;
border: none;
background-image: url('/_layouts/images/custom/search.gif') !important;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: right center;
width: 19px;
height: 19px;
position: relative;
left: -1px;

.s4-search .srch-gosearchimg{
visibility: hidden;
width: 19px;
height: 19px;
Rod said…
Hi Erick

Many thanks dude great trick!!. Just one more question. How about putting a border around the search text box. Again many thanks for your great help!


Anonymous said…
And where do i find this css? I cant find it anywhere, where do i have to search for the file. Also i'm interested to change the IN the search form. Does anybody know how i can change the text in the search form. But nut the Search center Form. I think on the form which is on every website, on top right side.
Mandy said…
This is amazingly helpful! My company is getting ready to upgrade to 2010 and I'm the admin for a lot of 2007 sites that I've branded with custom backgrounds, etc. I'm delighted to see how easy it is to keep my gradient backgrounds on SharePoint pages. Thanks so much for the list!
Anonymous said…
I'm amazed at how difficult they've made some basic things, like having one consistent link color and not having links in the same color as body text...
Robin Meuré said…
Thanks for the tip on the Search image! Much appreciated ;)
Anonymous said…
Excellent post. Keep it going. Here you can visit the blog contains information about sharepoint hosting
GRL said…
This is a very helpful post. I have been able to update many items. One thing that keeps evading me are the colors that appear in the library tool tabs after clicking and unhovering this bright green shows up that I can't seem to change. Any hints as where I can change that?
swiddi said…
Thanks very much Eric. You save my day!
Anonymous said…
Hi Eric,

Thanks for the wonderful info. I am new to Sharepoint and I just want to change the background colour of the Top Ribbon. I have made the changes to the colour code in the coreV4.css file using Wordpad but when I visit the website again, the colour does not change
Please help.

I have rebooted Sharepoint 2010 Server and cleared cache as well.

Class/ID = “body #s4-ribbonrow”
Default CSS:
Comments: This is the container for all of the items in the top ribbon
Erik Swenson said…
More than likely you are modifying the wrong corev4.css file. There are two of them in the Styles Directory. One in the root of that folder and another one in a folder called themable. Try changing both of them and see if that makes a difference.

Anonymous said…
Thanks Erik,

You are wonderful

Dean said…
Any idea on how to wrap the text in the Title field of a Calendar event?
Edward said…
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Anonymous said…
Holy Sh**. Where was this when I was searching three weeks ago? Thank you SO much!! :)
xyzboy said…
Thank you thank you thank you!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Eric, I must say this post has helped me tremendously. If I could only get some design ideas I would super happy.
Anonymous said…
thanks allot for your work! It helps me much more
Steve.O said…
Here is a good tutorial on skinning the default Sharepoint 2010 (MOSS) Search Box -
Anonymous said…
Great collection for starters! You just made my day.
CraigT said…
Thanks for this Erik, I have an issue with a background image using .s4-ribbonrow. i need to position it on the right, which works when i view the page on the browse tab. but if i change tab to the 'page' tab, my background image disappears. if i remove the background-position css statement then the image stays when i switch tabs. but the image is not where i need it to be. Hopefully you can help.


Luly said…
Thanks for your post! really helped my new master
Luis E Valencia said…
Very useful information.

I am trying to start doing some basic branding.
On the left panel I want to put something static and then the image, but when I did this, the text is not shown in the result, can you pleae help me.

< div id="s4-leftpanel" class="s4-notdlg">HOLA MUNDO LEFT < / div>
Mozes said…
Hi Erik,
Do you know of a way to style the new 2010 OOB Web analytics web part?
Anonymous said…

I need to change a column header row height and color (in a list or library). Do you know which class I have to modify? Thanks!
Kaprycia said…
Hi there, I hope you are well.

I'm kinda new in sharepoint designer, even tough it did go out in the market en 2010.

I just don't understand how it works... the only thing I'm able to do is to make a template and apply it. I don't have a clue where is the css even if i did shearch for it in SharePoint Designer 2010. I want to had a banner at the top of the web site... and I who is use to work with a code I wrote myself, am a bit at a lose...

I did check all you'Re post but I still don't seem to find how to do so...

thank you for your time in hope of maybe an answer or a commentary.

Have a good day.

Paul said…
Awesome, thanks for this info!
Sidney said…
Splendid Eric... In a couple of hours, I was already making my new 2010 install look like my 2007 theme. The users won't be too startled when we go live and they'll transition to the new interface with less agitation.. You've saved me hours if not days of re-inventing... Many many thanks!!!
Sidney said…
Hi Eric, Thanks again. I'm trying to style the "Library Tools" and Documents | Library on the Ribbon after I click Shared Documents. I just can't seem to get rid of the blue border and some background image.
Firebug tells me the class is .ms-cui-cg-t which seems to be in the core css
any ideas anyone? Thanks again
Илья said…
Thank you very match! Please tell me how to set width of right panel?
mrhassell said…
Drop this inside head for simple colouring of the ribbon :)

body #s4-ribbonrow {

Very useful post! Thanks :)
Tesfaye said…
Always, there is someone, somewhere, who makes someone's life much easier!Good job my friend.
Anonymous said…
Eric- I am completely new to css but using you site could move all my 2007 branding to 2010 . some parts still left working on that ,could you point me to total class in css.thanks for great blog.
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot for the things you have done..
forgive my ignorance, but newbie here. What is the CSS file i need to be editing for these changes to appear?
Bill said…
Thank you for posting this Eric, you saved me a lot of time and frustration!!
Mike said…
Great Post - I also found an online tool for creating custom css files for SharePoint 2010:
pancho said…
Any idea how to change the color and.width of the border between the left nav and the body ? The line is very faint. Just want to make it a little thicker and darker ? ( quick links )
Erik Swenson said…
Here is the base class and properties that make up the quick launch lines.

body #s4-leftpanel-content{
border:1px solid #dbddde;

If you want to make the line more bold try something like this:

body #s4-leftpanel-content{
border:1px solid #000;
Excellent Atricle Erik ,Thank u..
Anonymous said…
Hi Eric,

Thanks for the great post! I am new to sharepoint and have a question for you that I cant seem to figure out. I have a list webpart in the body of my sharepoint page with hyperlinks in it. I am looking for a way for the color of the hyperlinks to change to a darker color when I hover over them instead of just being underline.

Thank you for any help!

Mahesh said…
This is Really Excellet post .

It really Helps a lot
Bu Redha said…
I am trying to brand SharePoint 2010 by extending the left navigation to 100% when I tried setting the height to 100% in body #s4-leftpanel however it didn't work.

Please advise
Anonymous said…
In SharePoint 2010, I am using a page viewer web part with a link to a swf file. In the top navigation, we have several tabs across with drop-down lists that appear behind the swf file. Do you know how to fix?
Anonymous said…
"Un grand BRAVO" from a french webdesigner just involved in a sharepoint project !

Thanx so much
Nipesh Shah said…
Nice Post
Very useful
Blessing said…
Thank you so much Eric for taking the time to share this information with us. Very useful!
Tjassens said…
nice work! you used an old version of the fgimg.png though ;)
Erik Swenson said…
@Tjassens. At the time of writting this post almost two years ago it was the latest version :). In my branding book that I am currently writting I have about 100 pages dedicated within my laster chapter with an updated CSS reference guide. I hope that you buy my book!
Anonymous said…
Great work. Question: if you apply a border to web parts via .s4-wpcell, the user cannot turn the border off in web part chrome. Is there a workaround?
Adrian Murphy said…
Excellent article. A lot of hard work.

But it's well worth reading this article too - as it's extremely valuable:
Adrian Murphy said…
@Eric Swenson - Looking forward to that book of yours by the way :-) Good to see someone write on this topic because there's not much out there.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Eric
Abhi said…
Thank you Eric.Great work.Really helped.looking forward for more.
rhodeski said…
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I have read this post. Now my knowledge has been increase about above topic. Thanks to blog owner.
Hey I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have good views, Keep up the good informative info. For more information you can visit our website.
Anonymous said…
Many Many Thanks Eric,Nice post.
Kash said…
Thanks Eric
Anonymous said…
Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaat Thank you. really helpful.

How do I change the white background. I want a different background. The white backdrop.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your info... helpful. I am having an issue. I am "bleaching" out the sharepoint interface so I can sort of rebuild from the ground-up. I have a sliver of color to the left of the image that I cannot seem to set to white. I've tried overriding the color: on just about every class I can locate in SPD. You sepak in great detail on the ribbon row, but not so much on the top-header band where the logo lives. Any ideas where I am going wrong? Do you have moire detail about the logo area?
Tim G. said…
This is valuable information Eric. This is a great post that provides some clearity to an otherwise unclear aspect of SharePoint. Keep it up!
JackJeeva said…
This is great Post Eric,I am New to Sharepoint designer and just starting to brand 2010 server & this is a big help to get me going for getting knowledge in sharepoint designer.
maruthi said…
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Anu said…
Great Article. Please help me how to give styles to the left navigation links
Cisgirin said…
Yes.. you guys are right about these, i was looking for these topics for my studies and i found them here.. saved me

Joomla developer
Ricky said…
Hi Erik,

Love your post. I have a question though. This is with regards to WelcomeMenu. How can we change the color of the arrow for this class ".ms-viewselector-arrow"

I wanted to change the color of the down-arrow for the name.

aterese said…
Any plans Eric for a 2013 version of the CSS Classes ?

This is by far one of the best posts on branding that I have yet to read. Very simple and to the point. Thank you so much for taking the time to define all of these different pieces!
spurthi b said…
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