Thursday, December 10, 2009

SharePoint Presence Not Showing…

If you ever had the issue where your SharePoint site had presence turned on, but you could not see the presence indicator colors next to user names within lists/libraries or within the My Colleagues web part. Then Please read on for a solution.


The solution to view the presence indicators with full color is to add the site to your trusted sites.


Now when you refresh the page you will be able to see the presence indicators in full color.



Phillip said...

Awesome! Worked for me, this had stumped me for a while. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great! That worked!

Anonymous said...

This may not always be the case. I wish I could expand further but it appears to not always work. But then could be other issues at hand with this.

Duane Alleman said...

Awesome! Thanks for the post!